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Advant Building has helped numerous customers in the design and construct stage of their home.

Advant Building offers a comprehensive construction service for new builds, undertaking all aspects project management from design through to completion. Constructing a new home can be a daunting task which is why we aim to provide each of our customers with guidance and support throughout the entire build process. As skilled and experienced contractors, we have worked on numerous building projects throughout our years in business, as such, we know which solutions work well and can advise on the most suitable options available.

By choosing Advant Building to handle the construction of your new home you are benefitting from years of experience and a team of highly skilled tradesmen. We carry out all of our work to the highest standard and only use materials and equipment sourced from trusted suppliers in order to guarantee their quality. We can work directly with customers or with architects and can also assist during the design consultation phase if required.

Advant Building provides RGI and Safe Electric certifications for all work carried out meaning we can safely complete all gas and electrical works.

Advant Building has helped numerous customers design and construct their home. Contact us for more information.

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